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It seems WWASP's Ivy Ridge School recently wouldn't allow a student's sister to visit her. The only reason a student wouldn't be allowed to see her sister is because the school is afraid her sister could get her to "snap out of it" and probably try to get her out of there. To make a long story short the sister got pretty upset and somehow it hit the media. View the full story here

A French documentary aired on May 11th. The focus was WWASP and it's stirring a lot of controversy overseas. The international attention is undoubtedly good for our cause so thank you very much to the producers of the show. You don't have to be associated with these schools in any way to participate in our forums, if you'd like to voice your opinion of WWASP to meet others who may share your views. A few new sections also went up this week and should be great additions.

Chances are you're here to get some more information on what WWASP is doing wrong, have been treated wrongly by a member school, or worst of all you've had to spend years of your life in one of these terrible schools yourself. This is a place for moving on, getting help, and at the same time doing something about this problem. If you're serious about stopping WWASP register in the forums and meet others who are for the cause.

The Worldwide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools purpose is to give parents a place to send their children if they behave badly, or are not following the guidelines and rules set forth by their parents. These schools are charged with the protection and growth of these children, but often fail to achieve these simple tasks. As a former student who has attended Spring Creek Lodge in Thompson Falls, MT, reached level 5 before leaving, and witnessed everything with my own eyes, I feel I do my best to portray a real and objective point of view for the survivors of these schools.

The purpose of this website is to inform parents that may be considering to place their child into one of these programs that WWASP is not the answer to keeping your family together. I would urge any parent who has already fallen for WWASP's manipulative practices to rethink a strategy that will benefit your family. Therapy and counseling have proved helpful in many people's lives and although frustrating will prove beneficial to anyone who is willing to work through their problems. Nothing will go away on it's own, parents are going to have to work for every inch with their defiant teens, and it can be done without paying 40,000 dollars a year.

I believe there is also a lack of correct information coming from the corporation managing these schools. When a parent pays an estimated 26,000 - 54,000 dollars a year for their children to get behavior modification, you'd think that they would get their money's worth. We have recently learned that some parents who have placed their children in these programs now feel wronged, misled and fed up with WWASP's disruptive practices. Basically this shows us that parents like what they see before placing their child in one of these schools, but upon learning of what has really been going on with their child the whole time they had them enrolled, they feel alarmed and betrayed. If communication with your child gets limited, the boarding school is able to keep the majority of complaints or calls for help from ever getting to the parents and guardians.

It is not uncommon for a former or current "program-parent" to feel utterly distraught and even angered by mentioning any of the above said information. This is because of the constantly growing belief that the program is creating good things for their family, when all they actually have is falsely created hope and lies. Of course some teens are strong enough to endure and get through the program and may achieve success in life, but they'll never know for sure if WWASP was the answer, or if it was all personal achievement.

Some of this information may be alarming or informative for a parent considering placing their children into one of the formentioned programs, that is our intention.

To get an idea of how many schools WWASP is currently operating in the US and abroad click here. To view the schools that have been closed due to abuse or allegations click here. (courtesy of

If all this isn't enough to make you weary of these schools, maybe a list of children who have perished at the hands of untrained and overly aggressive staff will. Click here to remember 3 children who were killed while being treated by a WWASP member school. "Help At Any Cost" By Maia Szalavitz - New Book from

This new important book takes the troubled-teens industry to task, exposing the "extremely harsh, perhaps even brutal tactics [companies use to] keep [kids] in line." For $2,000 a month and more, a program will take an oppositional teen to a lockdown facility or a wilderness boot camp for however long it takes to break him or her. Parents pay more than an Ivy League tuition for their children to undergo some "out-of-line" punishments (use of "stress positions," brainwashing, etc.), and, says Szalavitz, there's no evidence that these facilities cure anything. Order Help at Any Cost today for only $17.13.

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